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PDC Blog: Day 8

This entry talks about our only day off, and goes into my experiences with Kinesiology and some spiritual stuff, so if you wanted to find out more about Permaculture, skip to PDC Blog: Day 9.

A deluge of rain

Our only day off, it dawned raining like crazy, much to my disappointment. I’d had high hopes of swimming in the river, going to the beach and exploring Stillbay a bit, but it was not to be.

Everyone else was jubilant, so I put my (selfish) desires aside and instead tried to be happy for the rain, as it was long due after an extended drought in the Heidelberg area.

So I sat at breakfast long after the rest of the group had left and it was just family (and me). Karen, John, Avice and Hazel were immersed in discussion about future plans for the farm, while I was deep in conversation with Karen and John’s daughters, Kelly and Lynden.


Kelly told Andrew and I about a course she’d been doing in Kinesiology, essentially the science of human movement, where you use muscle tests to diagnose health issues, literally by noting your body’s response to certain questions. I was instantly fascinated and wanted her to use me as a guinea pig. But first I’d have to fight off Andrew!

Levels of consciousness

One of the things she said she could do, was to determine what our level of consciousness was, according to our bodies’ response. This comes from Dr David Hawkins, who came up with this method, called Consciousness Calibration. Simply put, the muscles of the body go weak for non-truths and strong for truths.

Andrew went first, and Kelly asks him to hold his arms stretched out on both sides. In response to a question which is untrue, if she pushes down on his arms, they would not resist, whereas if the answer is true then there will be resistance.

She does a test asking him to repeat: “My name is Micky Mouse”. Lo and behold, his arms are non-resistant. When she tells him to repeat his real name, she is unable to push his arms down.

She states that she is asking about his consciousness, ranging from 1 to 1000. The question was, "My consciousness is 100 or more?" If the muscle stays strong, that means that the answer is yes. She continues, 200 or more, 300 or more (pushing hard down on each number), going up to 500 and his arms suddenly no longer resist.

So then she goes down, 490, 480, 470 and so forth, until she determines the exact number of his consciousness. I still retained some level of skepticism (not being one to be easily convinced) but was keen to try.

I ended up with 529 exactly. Then we looked at her course notes, which told us what our numbers meant.

Discovering my level of consciousness

I was at the level of love, where “the heart takes over and intuition guides you, a selfless love that has no desire except for the welfare of those around them”. At the moment it instinctively felt right.

With the powerful examples of Ghandi and Mother Theresa who lived at this level, at the time of writing this, I struggle to reconcile my (fragile) ego with this level, as it still feels like something I am aspiring to. However, at the time of the course, I’d just completed a 10-day Vipassana silent retreat, so I imagine that was probably part of the catalyst that allowed me to reach such a high level of consciousness. Either way, I guess I’ll just let my intuition guide me.

Andrew was one level below me, his particular task to overcome being his need to analyse everything (really the human condition of rationalization as opposed to acceptance). I was curious to see, now that I knew how the process worked, as to whether I could repeat the experiment, and perhaps attain a higher ‘score’ (level of consciousness). Needless to say, I ended up with exactly the same result, 529.

Andrew tells me that Avice is at a level of 850, which is the level of enlightenment. I don’t struggle to believe that, as she lives her life in service of others, and has deep compassion. Meanwhile, Andrew’s aunt, Karen, our illustrious chef, is at the level of joy which is the level of the spiritual healer, and just above me in the levels of consciousness.

Determining happiness with Kinesiology

Then Kelly did the same method, except this time to determine our happiness percentage. Andrew was 50% happy and could hardly imagine being any happier, whereas I ended up being 95% happy. Definitely a ‘wow’ moment, I hardly realised I was so happy!

However, living on the farm, and doing Permaculture, which I have that gut-feeling is the right path for me, really was a time when I was never happier. I’d love to know how happy I am today, writing this. Hopefully pretty close.

Feeling quite charged with energy and somewhat pleased with ourselves, we then had a long discussion about the Montessori method of education, which Kelly is studying.

Montessori education

The Montessori method entails seeing children as they really are, while providing an environment which allows them to fulfil their highest potential. With an element of spirituality, the Montessori method is one which draws me and I fully plan on studying it further when I have my own kids one day.

I left soon after, feeling quite blessed to have met such wonderful people, and being privy to such inspiring and interesting conversations! The rest of the day just passed in a blur of reading, typing up my notes and we only met again for dinner that evening. Tired, we all retired early, hopefully to be ready to face the next day!

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