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Site Build It Review

This Site Build It Review aims to share my experience with working with Site Build It and what I like and don't like about it, so you can make a considered decision based on your specific needs.

SBI Site Build It Review - Who Should Buy Site Build It?

I first read about Site Build It on Steve Pavlina's website. I respect his knowledge and skills in programming, so felt I could trust his opinion. Then my sister Alison of achieved considerable success with it and highly recommended it to me.

I've been using SBI for over three years now and it's given me some basic skills that I probably would never have developed otherwise!

I continue learning and building my website using the tips and strategies that SBI has taught me. Going through the 10 day Action Guide was an invaluable learning experience, but more than that, it's been an online business course.

Site Build Its SEO techniques, their emphasis on quality, original content and their sound strategies for the small business owner are second to none.

That said, I'm still technically a newbie as I'm not yet at the stage where my website develops much of an income - I don't have any products apart and my monetisation strategy is not apparent (so far I have some affiliate links and google ads, which earns me peanuts). However, that's because my focus was not on creating a business, but on sharing information.

What I can tell you is that I get quite a lot of traffic for what is essentially a blog at this stage (over 7000 and sometimes up to 21000 unique visitors a month) and I'm currently no.1 on google if you search for Eco-friendly Travel. That's quite something for a rookie!

Still I made a lot of mistakes, primarily because I got lost in the details and then lost in the big picture! But I'm currently developing my business (yes, a business plan really helps!) and will update this page as I meet with more and more success.

Is SBI Right For You?

If you're a newbie to website building or a small business owner looking to learn about website building, search engine optimisation and keyword research, monetisation strategies and how to build an online business, then buy SBI. The education is beyond comparison and worth every cent.

For a business website or a blogging platform, it might be worthwhile to go with Wordpress. It's a learning curve, but the amount of Wordpress developers out there, and affordable plugins give you a lot of resources to take your business further.


The real value in SBI is what they offer in terms of training - their online business building course covers 10 days to help you develop a website that you can turn into a business.

There's extensive support, a library of articles and videos, pretty much everything you need to learn how to build AND market your own website.


What does the SBI Programme Offer?

  • Hosting and domain registration.
  • A website building platform or content management system. You don't need to know any coding. You can either use the drag and drop website builder (recently updated) or upload your own HTML using say, dreamweaver.
  • Website templates (this is not their strong suit)
  • Search engine optimisation (probably the best out there) including Brainstormer (allows you to find the best keywords) and Analyse It (checks all your Search Engine Optimisation and required keywords on your page before you make it live)
  • Traffic reports
  • Newsletter manager (also not the greatest, I use Mail Chimp which is free if you have under 2000 subscribers)
  • Autoresponder
  • Extensive support through their forum (hugely informative) where you can get tips and ask questions on all kinds of topics. You can also submit your site for review and get tips on how to improve it.
  • Online support through the Site Sell support team (technical support and other)
  • Extensive Training with the Action Guide and numerous videos and articles
  • Content instruction and approaches
  • Case studies of SBI users who have successful websites

If you go through the action guide and use all the information available to you, you will not only gain invaluable skills, you could be the next SBI success story - turning your passion into an online business.


Site Build It Review: Disadvantages

  • You have to be online if using BB2 to upload your content.
  • SBI coaches are expensive for those living anywhere but America or the UK.
  • Templates are not the greatest (however you can upload your own)
  • Blog integration is not great and there's no app for easy uploading via a smart phone (like you get with Wordpress)

As I haven't used BB2 yet, I'd hesitate to comment too much on other functionality of the SBI interface so I'll leave it at that. It's also important to note that SBI has now launched BizExpress which means you can have all the functionality and training that SBI offers, within the Wordpress platform. So it's definitely something I am considering...

Here's a video for more on BizExpress if you're currently using WordPress but looking for more!



Site Build It Review - Conclusion:

Some people swear by SBI, others say it's a scam. It's incomprehensibe to me that anyone could call it a scam, and believe me I read those articles when deciding to buy SBI (I'm the kind of person who does my research).

It's a solid tool for building your online business and well worth your investment of USD300 a year. It's steep, but you don't get training like that anywhere else.

Once you're up and running and know what you're doing, you can decide whether to change to a different website builder or stay the course with Site Build It!

So, to sum it up - if you don't know anything about affiliate marketing or search engine optimisation and you want to build your first website, then SBI is for you. Build your SBI website now. They also often run 2 for 1 specials if you're keen on doing two websites :-)

Work From Home With SBI!


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I wasn't sure what a permaculture design course was about, until I read through Melissa's fantastic blog! I've signed up and soon I'll be a PDC graduate too.

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Dennis Howley - Namibia

I can't wait to follow Melissa and Chris' adventures in the Middle East and Africa. You guys inspire me!

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